Preparing For Your Senior Portrait Session


Congratualtions!  You are a SENIOR!!! Now we get to schedule your senior photo! It WILL be fun, I promise! Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your portrait session. We've found that being prepared will not only help keep you relaxed, you'll look your confident best too.


First of all, we ask that you arrive on time. This is important, and here’s why: if you are running late you’ll be stressed and the tension will show in your face and body language. Also, you wouldn't want to have to wait because someone before you was not on time for their session. RBP often shoots back to back, so it is important to stay timely.


Get everything ready the night before your photo session so you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the day. One of the best ways to organize is to "bundle" everything for each outfit on one hanger. For example, put jewelry, belts, or shoes in a plastic zip lock bag and hang it on the hanger with the clothing it goes with. This way you won’t forget anything. Make sure that your clothes are ironed as we may not be able to digitally remove unwanted wrinkles that show up in photos. Also, please bring at least one extra outfit, just in case we can, or need to, work it in.  (This is another reason to be timely!)


Don’t forget makeup, combs or brushes, a curling iron, hair accessories, and any favorite items you'd like to be in your photos. Even guys....bring Chapstick! If you are going to bring a drink, I suggest water and a straw for you ladies, so you do not smear your lig gloss!


Favorite Items!


Activities are part of you and your life. Sports equipment, uniforms, musical instruments or artist materials all say something about you. Pets? Yes, seniors have brought steers, horses, dogs, etc! We will gladly work them into your photo session. If you have any questions, Message me before hand! Chances are we can do it! Your senior photos are to highlight YOU so items that represent you are a must!


What To Wear!


We've put together a few suggestions on clothing to help you have a great portrait session creating truly flattering images. First and foremost, you really want your face and expressions to stand out in your portrait. Everything else is secondary. When photographed against a medium or dark background, dark or medium toned colors photograph best for your close-up poses. And of course, darker shades are more slimming. But this does not mean you need to go dark from head to toe!


For shirts and tops, avoid colors that are too similar to your skin color. (These might be a brown, beige, tan, or very pale peach, and very pale gray). For many people these shades can drain the color from your face, making you appear washed-out.


Bring a variety of color, don't bring all red outfits even if it is your favorite color. Change up the style, bring some dressy, some semi-dressy, and some casual outfits that express who you are.


When planning your outfits think about your complete look from head to toe. We will taking photos that are close-up, full length, and some in between. So you want to think about shoes and accessories too.




You can choose your favorite sports outfit, sundress, slouchy sweaters, shorts or jeans outfit. Pick the colors you really like. Chances are, they're colors others say look really good on you, too. Textures are great, as are interesting hats, belts, jackets and scarves. Remember to remove your ponytails bands from your wrists!


Wear a neckline that is flattering to your face and neck: Round faces, square jaw lines, or shorter necks look best in a v-neck as opposed to a round or crew neck. Thin faces, pointy chins, and very long necks look better in a boatneck, crew neck, or round neckline.


Avoid tops with large, contrasty, distracting patterns. Solid colors are much better. Unless your arms are super-skinny, avoid short sleeves because they make arms look heavier and shorter. If you feel your arms are heavy, sleeveless looks are great but avoid "spaghetti" straps. They too can draw attention away from the face. If you are deciding to wear a dress, please be sure that it is not super super short. 


If we are walking a distance, I suggest that girls wear easy in-and-out boots, such as uggs, verses your fancy wedge type heels! You can change once we walk to the location!


If you are interested in having a professional make-up artist do your hair and make-up on the day of your session, please let me know. RBP works with Jessica Wolfe, an amazing beauty artist from Sophisticated Styles. This will be a separate fee between you & Sophisitcated Styles, however, she is crazy reasonable!  What a perfect addition to your senior session! 




You can choose your jeans, casual or sportswear, letterman jacket. In choosing your shirts, stay clear of logos or large prints that will take away you as the subject. If you have more than one outfit change, I suggest that you chose different colors and styles. Try to avoid logos or shirts with words, because sometimes text on clothing may not photograph well. Maybe one is more casual for you and the other is dressier for your parents? (just a thought!) You may want to bring your sports uniform and equipment.


A sport coat and pants work great, but you do not have to be that dressy to look sharp in your senior photos. An alternative look would be a dress shirt and a sweater that is a solid color or has a slight pattern. Many guys will wear a dressy shirt and tie with dark jeans, this works very well, too. If you want to wear only a dress shirt and tie, wear a colored shirt. White shirts look best under a jacket.


HINT: A change of shoes can make the same pair of jeans into an entirely knew outfit. 



Most of all...Remember, that this is a FUN session for you! 

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